Tap into the power of ancient tea brewing techniques to make the healthiest, most delicious kombucha at home - we provide the equipment and knowledge - all you have to do is show up - Sign up for class now!

Pure Luck® - Kombucha School ™

Do you want to be healthier, happier, have more energy and improve your skin condition? Or maybe loose some weight through detoxification? Kombucha has been shown to help you do all of this!
Food and Wine Magazine's Top 5 Kombucha Brands

With 10 years of commercial kombucha brewing, and 20 years of tea brewing experience our brewmaster will share all his secrets with you!

  • Our SCOBYs and Cultures

    Never touch a metal or plastic surfaces ever

  • Ingredients

    100% certified organic ingredients and only the highest grade teas

  • Water

    Exclusively crafted with spring water

  • Brewing and fermentation

    We aways brew our tea and ferment in glass

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